Spectral Records was born in 2003 by Dani (Menog) and Rui (Xrc). They both felt a need to release and distribute psychedelic music in Portugal, which was almost inexistent in this country at the time. Their first compilation was released at Boom Festival 2004 receiving positive reviews all over, featuring artists like Menog, Audialize, Spectra, Paranormal Attack, etc…. After this compilation, Menog released “Emotions” his second solo album and cd002 of Spectral rec. In 2005, the third compilation (Feel the Force) came out; this cd was released featuring only Portuguese and south African artists. The concept behind Spectral music is to keep the spirit that people had in the beginning of the Trance scene… where you “felt” the music differently, and the basis was psychedelic feelings and emotions translated into music. In the year 2006 Spectral rec. took a one year break, but in 2007 a new partner (dj Fiuzz, Sindar productions Manager, living in Barcelona, and Existence Dance Festival main producer) joined the Spectral Crew. 2007 could be viewed as “a new beginning” for this label, even though the concept remains the same… New artists and dj..s are now a part of this family. Prepare yourselves for the future… keep it Psy!

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