Brethren are the psy trance band based in Cape Town, South Africa; consisting of 2 brothers Ian and Josef Summs. From their shows and releases you can expect dark melodic dance music with a lot of groove, psychedelics, and symphonic elements. Phat prodution is courtesy of their studios that have been built up over the last 5 years with a Cubase 4 platform, M-Audio BX-8 and Dynaudio BM-6 monitor speakers, the Virus-B Indigo keyboard, and Dave Smith Evolver Synth. Software includes Waves EQ’s,, Ohmboys FX, and lots of other weird and wonderful VST synths and FX. Their 1st album ‘Legend of Cane’ was released on Nexus Media in 2006 and the 2nd ‘The Price of Prophecy’ was released in May 2008 on Spectral Records. Single releases have been on records labels including Timecode, Nexus-Media, Digital Psionics, Afrogalactic, and Beyond Logic.

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