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ImagesByron Bay’s Luke Psywalker is one of Australia’s psy trance pioneers. Over the last 20 years he has built a strong reputation both as a producer and DJ.

With an international profile he has journeyed to and played at festivals around the world and Australia, including Boom festival, Rainbow Serpent, Earth Frequency, Earthcore and featuring on Triple J’s mix up. Luke co-founded world-renowned Psy Trance record label Digital Psionics in 1998, with over 49 international releases to date.

He is currently label DJ for Digital Psionics (AUS), Spectral Records (Portugal), and Space Tribe Music (UK).

His collaboration with well-known psy trance pioneer Space Tribe, “Tweaked Eyeballs”, was released on Space Tribe’s album Heartbeat (2002), followed by hit tracks, “Twitch” and “Short Term What?” Since then Luke has released his debut album, Inverted Vertigo on Digital Psionics, along with a host of collaboration tracks with Space Tribe, Dark Nebula, Xatrik and Fractal glider, on various compilations and albums globally such as Space Tribe music, Planet Ben records, Digital psionics, Fractal records and Spirit Zone records.

His music is best described as psychedelic soundscapes for all hours.


Available for live / Dj Bookings contact:

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Images Over the last 4 years Nick Grater has quietly been working on this psychedelic project and has emerged with a distinctive, unequivocal whiz and a bang! BIONIC encompasses driving, banging, full powered sounds tweaked with twisted psychedelics in amalgamation with his fine techno sauciness. You couldn’t ask for more as his melodic genius carries you away on a mind altering journey you wish would never end.

He is also the brainchild behind the launch of {psy.ology} records.


The study of psychedelic consciousness through audio and visual stimuli in both inner and outer interconnected space.

This is a record label originating from Johannesburg, South Africa featuring some of the best artists from all over the country and the rest of the universe. The releases incorporate all styles of psychedelic dance music from progressive to tech to breaks to full-on to the harder darker realms. The label features fresh and upcoming artists combined with well schooled maestros of the genre.

So far BIONIC has made his mark at the following events:

TWILIGHT, Zone, One Festival, Mungus Fungus (Cape Town), Equinox, Fu Cha Gathering, Vortex JHB, Red Eye, Teknotribe, PsynOticz (Cape Town), Ultra Festival, Psytribe, Revolution I & II (New Years), Psy Mansion, Beat Around The Bush, Psy In The City, Underground Sound and Thorn fest and has a busy summer ahead headlining numerous events including Psyology Launch event, The Tswaing Crater, Teknotribe’s 9th Bday Bash and Energy Festival.

He has also played alongside some of the world’s finest Psy acts including Menog, Orca, Painkiller, Principles of Flight, Absolum, Zen Mechanics, Artifakt, Shift to name a few.

Bruce Abrahamse was born and bred in Cape Town, and has been one of the most consistently active dj’s in South Africa for 16 years.

Starting in 1996, he has played everwhere from small free beach and forest parties to the largest festivals South Africa has to offer, and everything in between. He was also resident DJ at the legendary Club Getafix and it’s re-incarnation Club Organafix for almost 10 years. The benefit of this experience is his ability to play a variety of different sets, whether twilight, morning psy, full on, progressive or even ambient, his sets are known for their quality, no matter what style. His sets are always energetic and represent the full spectrum of psychedelic flavour. Although many hours are spent choosing only the best music, when it comes to his sets, he never pre plans a journey, but prefers to play spontaneously, feeling the crowd, and trying to capture that one moment that cannot be repeated or planned.

He also produces psytrance as Solar Axis (Nexus Media) and has released his music on labels such as Planet Ben Records, Nexus Media, Organik Records, Karana Records, Afrogalactic Records, Tune Raiders compilation, etc

He also has a Progressive live project called ‘Synchronist’ and a fusion electronica live project ‘Spliff Politix’.

Tune Raider (Pamm Legg , is  South Africa’s top female Psy-Trance DJ’s. She has been rocking the circuit for about 10 years and is still growing in popularity season after season –  at events such as ‘Vortex, Alien Safari, Rezonance, Earth Dance, Groovy Troupers and many more. Countless successful dance floors, the Documentary ‘UNDER THE AFRICAN SKY’, a radio show and a compilation album Divas on Decks Volume 2, a publicised tour to Europe with a live Blog on line with BPM and Oakley’s sunglasses- Tune Raider has definitely earned her spot behind the decks.

Nowadays Tune Raider boasts two very different types of sets a night time “Twilight” style  and a Day time – “full on”  day time psychedelic set. She loves all types of Psy-trance music and typical female cant decided what style to stick to, so why only play one? Plus in her opinion a DJ should be versatile enough to play any time and rock it and she does.

February 2012 Tune Raider was brought to Portugal and Spain for a two week tour, playing small indoor events and clubs such as – ‘Rio Porto’, Nostradamus and Magnetika agency events in Colvanhia and Barcelona. They were a huge success and she defiantly spread some South African sunshine or “Geez” as we like to call it here in SA.

Tune Raider has recently joined up with the Portuguese Female DJ Agency ‘Magnetika‘ which brings together all female DJane’s and artist from all over the globe, now Tune Raider represents South Africa on the international market.

Tune Raiders main calling card is not only her tight mixing and track selection, but it’s her magnetic stage presence and magical charisma that gets people dancing.

SwiTcHcaChe started djing in 2003, mixing drum & bass, breaks, hard house & psytrance on vinyl. He is owner of PsynOpticz Productions and got signed to Spectral Records in 2012.

Discovering his passion for twilight psy he has played some of the biggest indoor events and outdoor festivals in South Africa such as Jungala Festival, ZONE Festival, Earthdance Cape Town, Vortex, Rezonance NYE, Origin, The Village, MMD, Revolution NYE & Fu-cha Gatherings. He has played alongside and hosted some of the world leading psytrance artists such as Menog, Electrypnose, Orca, Hujaboy, Twisted System, Jay Om, Menog, Geko, Slug, Artifakt, Shift, Rubix Qube, Daksinamurti, Toxic, Digital Talk, Phatmatix, Illegal Machines, Xatrix, Deliriant, sG4rY and many more.

SwiTcHcaChe not only brings his psychedelic grooves, crazy breaks and dirty basslines to packed dance floors around South Africa but displays his passion for keeping the scene fresh and up to international standards by hosting Cape Towns JUNGALA Festival every April, ZONE with NeXus MEdia every November & FROST-BITE every August with MMD as well as {psy.ology} records event every July. PsynOpticz Design creates themed ever changing psychedelic decor & lighting for every event. There is always an amazing line up of local & international djs & live acts as well as a positive, rocking chemistry and energy.

SwiTcHcaChe is currently working on some productions of his own so keep your eyes open and get your ears ready for some twisted psychedelics coming your way!

André Pontes, aka. FIUZZ, is a portuguese born DJ, producer and manager, besides being one of the founding members of Sindar Productions and Existence Dance Festival. He’s on the Spectral Records label DJ team as well as a partner. His first contact with music was at the tender age of 9 years old, when he started playing harmonic melodies on a piano, and like this he composed his first melody.

André got to know different musical styles, til his first contact with Goa trance back in 1995. He started Djing in Portugal in 1998 and in 2000 he initiated his career as a psytrance producer. Fiuzz’s music characterisics are a strong rythmic base along suggesting melodies.

It’s a very energetic style that avoids formulaic based structures, the aim is to not let the people touch the floor. His Dj sets are a powerful energetic flow which makes the crowd vibrate and jump with the flow. On his sets he mixes music from: : Menog, Khopat, Tickets, Shift, Phyx, Brain Hunters, Azax Syndrom, Fiuzz (…).amongst others A DJ who not leave you unnoticed.

The original founder and chief of the legendary PsyTribe productions in Los Angeles, started in 1997. In its 12 years of existence, Psytribe has paved the way for many producers, promoters and DJs which have flourished out of the L.A. scene. Psytibe has, and continues to set the standards and capture the essence of a true psychedellic trance party. With over 15 years of experience, Barakuda has gained the versatility to bring energy to the dance floor and keep it through out the entire set, no matter what type of music or time of day. Barakuda has earned the respect of the trance community worldwide by pioneering a movement on the west coast. Born in July 18th 1976 in Beverly Hills, California.

Raised in L.A until the age of 14 then moved to Athens, Greece with his family. finished high school and went on to get a computer graphic animation degree at Akto University in Greece. In 1992 discovered the outdoor psychedelic trance experience and since then fell in love with the music and culture. In 1995 started to D.J. In 1997 he was drafted into the Greek Army so then he decided make love not war and fled to L.A. Once in L.A. the trance scene was no place to be found. There came the idea of PsyTribe since then he has organized hundreds of psy events introduce hundreds psy artist to the West Coast and has shared the stage with countless others.

Pedro Matias aka Fluxö is one of the trance pioneers in Portugal, Dj since 1996 he has been developing his taste and interest for trance and electronic music.

In 1999 with a group of friends he funded Quest4Goa that gave him the opportunity to explore trance frontiers and acknowledge from the worldwide music production, the several artists Quest4Goa had the opportunity to host, give him as well a better view of trance music. Fluxö has been playing in Portugal on a regular basis, having his biggest highlight with the gig at the Boom Festival 2006, where he received a great feedback from the international public. His love for music and trance culture allied to his mixing technique and selection allow Fluxö to have a great interactivity with the dancefloor.

In 2006 Fluxö released his first album from the project Chilled C’Quence a downbeat/ambient record made with PsyJar. Their second album “Dream Triggers” was released in 2008 on Quest4Goa records. The duo surprised the listeners with an uplifting journey with chilling and warming harmonies.
At the present time Fluxo is involved with Tajmahal in a new colaboration presenting the debut Uasca album “Cosmos Umbilical”.

Uasca is a tribute to the ancient, tribal knowledge of the Amazon. The goal of our music is to use our collective voice to raise awareness for the great need to respect the Amazon and all nature.
Besides Chilled C’Quence and Uasca, he is envolved, with is partner Mirwalk (Pedro Miranda) in a new dance floor oriented live act: Photonik. First track was released on the Uk based label Transient. They have been playing in several nacional and internacional parties, strongly motivated by public response to their music.

Fluxö had the pleasure of playing along side artists such as: Infected Mushroom, Psysex, Cosma, Dj Jorg, Talamasca, Astrix, Hux Flux, Protoculture, Black&white, Wizzy Noise, Neuromotor, Oforia, Space Cat, Psycraft, Illumination, Dynamic, Panick, Xerox, Alien Project, Quadra, Absolum just to name a few…

In 2003 he started his career as DJ, in 2004 he joins “PARADIS” crew in Kyoto, and since then he kept on training, then in 2005 he organized “No Name” crew with his new mates so that he could do his own parties with full quality and underground way. In 2007 he established the “Back Alley Production” formed by the top-artists plays an active part in Kansai area, and in 2009 he was appointed the booking manager of God Bless that is the biggest festival in Kansai area, and since then he extended his sphere of activity pretty much.

In his DJ career, he played in big festivals such as “Summer Festival YABAI RECORDS”, “God Bless”, “Nagisa Festival in Osaka” and “Last Summer Trip of SUNFLOWERS OF TODAY”. And when not playing in big festivals he gets booked oftenly to most of the parties in kansai area , from bigger to smaller . His playing style focus on the newest powerful tracks, he feels the atmosphere of dance floor exactly, with his exact mix work and his motto anti-beat MAGURO, he always rocks the dancefloor!

Ogima is João John, born in Portugal in 1985.

He started his trance career in 2003 on his native city Covilhã. He constructs his set by blending melodic and emotive psy, twisted night tunes and Hi-tech trance, giving them an arc that flows like a good psychedelic narrative. He is also part of a Dj duo with Khopat called Tropical Zombies.

In 2009 he joined Spectral Records and One Foot Groove.

Dj Seven, historia(arcadia) crew resident.

Originally born in Turkey, where in the year 99` began collecting his Dj experience as a trance Dj.
Shortly after that, in 2000, have moved to Japan, where he easily become adjusted to the local trance scene as a professional Dj & by the year 2001 Dj Seven was already recruited as a resident Dj for Arcadia crew. Thru the time, appearing on every main event in Japanese trance scene, Dj Seven had realized that he is destined for even more active role in the local scene.

So 3 years later in Tokyo he had co-founded the Psyconnection crew organization.
Starting 2006, under the Psyconnection crew, Dj Seven had performed with the leading names in the industry such as: Eskimo, Space Buddha, Alien Project, Bamboo Forest, Melicia, John Phantasm, XSI, DNA & many more.

In Feb 2009 Dj Seven had compiled for Agitato the V/A Psyconnection.

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