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Always involved with Music since the late 80’s, Victor plays everything from guitar, bass, drums, keys… He started playing at the age of 14, and travelled all over Portugal with is band, HORNET. His first contact with electronic music production started with an old commodore AMIGA 500, more than a decade ago; Telmo plays drums since he was 8, he was the drummer for HORNET and they’ve known each other since childhood. Telmo’s interest in dance and electronic Music started with dance Music festivals, like Boom…! PROBE is a music mixture that starts with an analogical feeling using an electronic medium… Nowadays, focused on ChillOut music, PROBE is one of SPECTRAL RECORD’s live acts for ambient and World Music. Played in a few Festivals like Freedom and had a couple of tracks released by SPECTRAL RECORD’s with more to come

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Chilled C’Quence is Pedro Matias and Fernando Rodrigues (dj Fluxö and Psyjar). Both have been connected to diferent aspects of music and technology since the beggining. 2 years after they met they started to produce music together on a project called Zero Sequence with Quest4Goa support. In 2004 they decided to create a parallel project more focused on the ambient sound ,named Chilled C’Quence. Envolving voices, spacial melodies, mixed with crystal clear sounds, take the public to a journey of downbeat electronic rhythms. Chilled C’Quence has demonstrated a strong consistency in their live shows, and also they have been showing great releases on several known labels,t hat discovered the musical message carried by these artists. They captured the attention of the English label Amboworld, where they released their debut album “Magic Sense”. Their second album “Dream Triggers” was released on the Portuguese label Quest4Goa in 2008, and is still receiving good critics . In this work you can discover an uplifting ambient journey able to transpose you to an inner state. The album combines chilling harmonies with warm and progressive vibes, envolving voices, spacial melodies mixed with crystal clear sounds. An ideal choice for the early hours of the morning or/and for dancefloor opening. Watch out for their next album!

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