Feel the Force


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 Fasten seatbelts, Spectral Records comes with a new killer release. This album was forged, to transport the audiophile, through new worlds, psyrealities, complex sensations, your true nature. The symbiosis obtained between, mathematical frequencies, the crunchy metallic sounds, new touches of industrial dark noises, and misture of charmed Goa melodies subleased from all this wild environment is Outrageous.


  • "Die Nagmerrie (Menog rmx)" - TWISTED SYSTEM
  • "Alien explorer" - KHOPAT
  • "Serious problem" - SHIFT
  • "Danian" - PHYX VS MENOG
  • "Spiritual 00 (Audialize rmx)" - MENOG
  • "Filth" - TRYAMBAKA
  • "Medusa" - XRC
  • "Borealis" - SPECTRA
  • "Probe" - PROBE

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