André Pontes, aka. FIUZZ, is a portuguese born DJ, producer and manager, besides being one of the founding members of Sindar Productions and Existence Dance Festival. He’s on the Spectral Records label DJ team as well as a partner. His first contact with music was at the tender age of 9 years old, when he started playing harmonic melodies on a piano, and like this he composed his first melody.

André got to know different musical styles, til his first contact with Goa trance back in 1995. He started Djing in Portugal in 1998 and in 2000 he initiated his career as a psytrance producer. Fiuzz’s music characterisics are a strong rythmic base along suggesting melodies.

It’s a very energetic style that avoids formulaic based structures, the aim is to not let the people touch the floor. His Dj sets are a powerful energetic flow which makes the crowd vibrate and jump with the flow. On his sets he mixes music from: : Menog, Khopat, Tickets, Shift, Phyx, Brain Hunters, Azax Syndrom, Fiuzz (…).amongst others A DJ who not leave you unnoticed.

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