Pedro Matias aka Fluxö is one of the trance pioneers in Portugal, Dj since 1996 he has been developing his taste and interest for trance and electronic music.

In 1999 with a group of friends he funded Quest4Goa that gave him the opportunity to explore trance frontiers and acknowledge from the worldwide music production, the several artists Quest4Goa had the opportunity to host, give him as well a better view of trance music. Fluxö has been playing in Portugal on a regular basis, having his biggest highlight with the gig at the Boom Festival 2006, where he received a great feedback from the international public. His love for music and trance culture allied to his mixing technique and selection allow Fluxö to have a great interactivity with the dancefloor.

In 2006 Fluxö released his first album from the project Chilled C’Quence a downbeat/ambient record made with PsyJar. Their second album “Dream Triggers” was released in 2008 on Quest4Goa records. The duo surprised the listeners with an uplifting journey with chilling and warming harmonies.
At the present time Fluxo is involved with Tajmahal in a new colaboration presenting the debut Uasca album “Cosmos Umbilical”.

Uasca is a tribute to the ancient, tribal knowledge of the Amazon. The goal of our music is to use our collective voice to raise awareness for the great need to respect the Amazon and all nature.
Besides Chilled C’Quence and Uasca, he is envolved, with is partner Mirwalk (Pedro Miranda) in a new dance floor oriented live act: Photonik. First track was released on the Uk based label Transient. They have been playing in several nacional and internacional parties, strongly motivated by public response to their music.

Fluxö had the pleasure of playing along side artists such as: Infected Mushroom, Psysex, Cosma, Dj Jorg, Talamasca, Astrix, Hux Flux, Protoculture, Black&white, Wizzy Noise, Neuromotor, Oforia, Space Cat, Psycraft, Illumination, Dynamic, Panick, Xerox, Alien Project, Quadra, Absolum just to name a few…

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