Images At the tender age of 14, William went to his first Psytrance Festival – Prism/Vortex New Year’s Eve, in his Hometown, Cape Town and instantly fell in love with the sights and sounds of the psychedelic world.

Once experiencing the magic of this music at the festival, he came to a conscious awakening that this is his calling in life, so he set out to start his journey into Psytrance. He then acquired all of the tools needed to start this new direction, and fast became a name and force to be reckoned with.

Dedicated to the twisted side of Psychedelic Trance, his signature style transformed exponentially, after making his Debut release with Psybliminal Records in 2010. Immensely powerful bass-lines and twisted synths created by him dominated dancefloors in Cape Town from the early days of this young producer’s musical journey, with energetic sequences forever lifting, shocking and changing the way we perceive psychedelic music, William demonstrates a dancefloor focus that will make waves all around the world.

Hailing from the infamous “Valley” in Cape Town, his sound quickly proves to do this melting pot of talent proud. Starting with smaller outdoors and a handful of indoors, now bursting into the well-known, it seems that Hysteria is rising to become one of the most recognized producers worldwide. He has now refined the power in his sound into an even deadlier, controlled force. This is the next stage in this young artist’s sonic evolution. Now signed to his dream label – Spectral Records, there is much to expect from this young and talented producers Journey.

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