MENOG – Emotions


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 Spectral Records proudly introduce ‘Emotions’. The second release of Spectral Records, and ‘Menog’s’ second album. An excellent album that show us the efforts and the work accomplished, by one of our most talented artist ‘Menog’. ‘Emotions’ is a unique album, a different vision of reality, a journey to new sensations, charmed melodies that pass to spookier tones, and noisy sounds, that take us to a fly, to new perspectives and dimensions of sound, excellent work of drum sets. Trance reality is revolting more every day, these are the results of what we believe, of our efforts to make the best we can. Spectral Records presents this new album, which represents musical innovation, musical touch, and a kind of music that pleases to all the fans of electronic music.


  • Beyond emotion
  • Kinhos alucination (feat kinho)
  • Already found it
  • Cosmic consciousness
  • Emotions
  • DNA Chain
  • Litle bit freak (Menog album rmx)
  • Analog (Menog rmx)
  • Malana
  • Complicated minds

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