In 2003 he started his career as DJ, in 2004 he joins “PARADIS” crew in Kyoto, and since then he kept on training, then in 2005 he organized “No Name” crew with his new mates so that he could do his own parties with full quality and underground way. In 2007 he established the “Back Alley Production” formed by the top-artists plays an active part in Kansai area, and in 2009 he was appointed the booking manager of God Bless that is the biggest festival in Kansai area, and since then he extended his sphere of activity pretty much.

In his DJ career, he played in big festivals such as “Summer Festival YABAI RECORDS”, “God Bless”, “Nagisa Festival in Osaka” and “Last Summer Trip of SUNFLOWERS OF TODAY”. And when not playing in big festivals he gets booked oftenly to most of the parties in kansai area , from bigger to smaller . His playing style focus on the newest powerful tracks, he feels the atmosphere of dance floor exactly, with his exact mix work and his motto anti-beat MAGURO, he always rocks the dancefloor!

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