Rabdom L

Images Rabdom L is the solo project of Craig Hudson aka ‘the Skragg’ – Craig Hudson first burst onto the South African Psytrance scene in 2001 as a DJ under the alias ‘The Skragg’ making his mark through seamless mixing and soaring night time and twilight sets. Soon after he began to teach himself how to produce music driven by the dream of playing his own music. In 2002 Artifakt, Phyx and Shift teamed up with Rabdom L to form the groundbreaking and pioneering SA Record label – Timecode Records. The label gave Craig the chance to showcase his music to the world as Timecode established itself on the Global Underground Psy market and thus Rabdom L began infiltration. Twisted System is Rabdom L, Shift and Phyx in collaboration. Storming onto the scene with the debut album ‘the Dealers’ closely followed by the 2nd album ‘Core’ saw the infamous trio become a popular outfit in South Africa and abroad. Twisted System have played in Australia, Belgium, Portugal, Israel, Mexico, Brazil, Japan and ofcourse constantly in South Africa to the loyal hordes. After the second Twisted System album Craig began focusing his artistic efforts on his Rabdom L Solo Project. He has enjoyed success and releases on many labels from around the globe and actively began  representing Nexus-Media Records – A South African based label owned by Shift. Very recent developments have seen Rabdom L join forces with Replicant Records (AUS), Spectral Records (POR), Kaos Krew (SA) and Biomechanix Records (MEX). Rabdom L has toured South America, Europe, Middle East and the Far East slamming his unique melody driven psy-tech to ears and minds of all kinds. Both ‘The Skragg’ and ‘Rabdom L’ have been regular features in the bustling and bursting Cape Town trance movement since 2001 – regularly appearing at Vortex, Alien Safari, Prism Festival, Rezonance Festival, Beartrap, Groovy Troopers, The Village, Jungala and the likes thereof. The highlights of Craig’s career thus far are playing a four hour set at the legendary 2002 Solar Eclipse Festival and getting to play alongside most of the artists he grew up listening to – Absolum, Dino Psaris, Tortured Brain, Cydonia, CPU, Phatmatix, NRS, Scorb, Digital Talk, Mindcore, Joti Sidhu Psychaos, GMS, Etnica, Cosmosis, Dado Synthetic, Wizzy Noise, Koxbox and more recently with Artist like Bliss, A-Team, Biorythym, Rubix Qube, EMP, Smashed, Exgen, Xatrik, Zion Linguist, Hiyarant, Frozen Ghost and Lost and Found and the list goes on. He currently offers a versatile package. As a DJ (The Skragg) he is able to play a range of sets specialising in late night: Twilight/Sunrise/Full Daytime SunnySide Up and Progressive. Then the solo project Rabdom L is what it is – made for the Twilight hours but has proved rather versatile depending on the flow of music before and after. Forthcoming Releases to look out for in 2013 – RABDOM L & CO EP SERIES on Timecode, Spectral, Replicant and Kaos Krew.

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