Dj Seven, historia(arcadia) crew resident.

Originally born in Turkey, where in the year 99` began collecting his Dj experience as a trance Dj.
Shortly after that, in 2000, have moved to Japan, where he easily become adjusted to the local trance scene as a professional Dj & by the year 2001 Dj Seven was already recruited as a resident Dj for Arcadia crew. Thru the time, appearing on every main event in Japanese trance scene, Dj Seven had realized that he is destined for even more active role in the local scene.

So 3 years later in Tokyo he had co-founded the Psyconnection crew organization.
Starting 2006, under the Psyconnection crew, Dj Seven had performed with the leading names in the industry such as: Eskimo, Space Buddha, Alien Project, Bamboo Forest, Melicia, John Phantasm, XSI, DNA & many more.

In Feb 2009 Dj Seven had compiled for Agitato the V/A Psyconnection.

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