Tune Raider

Tune Raider (Pamm Legg , is  South Africa’s top female Psy-Trance DJ’s. She has been rocking the circuit for about 10 years and is still growing in popularity season after season –  at events such as ‘Vortex, Alien Safari, Rezonance, Earth Dance, Groovy Troupers and many more. Countless successful dance floors, the Documentary ‘UNDER THE AFRICAN SKY’, a radio show and a compilation album Divas on Decks Volume 2, a publicised tour to Europe with a live Blog on line with BPM and Oakley’s sunglasses- Tune Raider has definitely earned her spot behind the decks.

Nowadays Tune Raider boasts two very different types of sets a night time “Twilight” style  and a Day time – “full on”  day time psychedelic set. She loves all types of Psy-trance music and typical female cant decided what style to stick to, so why only play one? Plus in her opinion a DJ should be versatile enough to play any time and rock it and she does.

February 2012 Tune Raider was brought to Portugal and Spain for a two week tour, playing small indoor events and clubs such as – ‘Rio Porto’, Nostradamus and Magnetika agency events in Colvanhia and Barcelona. They were a huge success and she defiantly spread some South African sunshine or “Geez” as we like to call it here in SA.

Tune Raider has recently joined up with the Portuguese Female DJ Agency ‘Magnetika‘ which brings together all female DJane’s and artist from all over the globe, now Tune Raider represents South Africa on the international market.

Tune Raiders main calling card is not only her tight mixing and track selection, but it’s her magnetic stage presence and magical charisma that gets people dancing.

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