Twisted Reaction

Images Twisted Reaction (also BLAZED),  born in Lithuania and actually living in Israel. He has been into music since he was really young and at the age of twelve he got introduced in the electronic scene. He has released many singles on different labels and has also released 3 solo albums. Labels such as : Nexus Media, Sigma Rec, Tokyo X-Ray, Enzyme Rec, Medusa Rec, Push Rec, Planet B.E.N and more. Touring Brazil, Portugal , Austria, Israel , Germany, Holland, Greece, Swiss, Russia, South Africa etc.,  performed on festivals like Freedom Festival Portugal, Beatpatrol Festival Austria, Aurora Festival Greece, Sothis Brazil, Jungala South Africa and more parties and events to name a few. album and singles WERE released on planet ben and nexus media, and more to come now on Spectral Records.

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